…Another Press Release is ready

Hi Everybody,
I’ve just finished putting the final touches on another press release, targeted for ‘Stains on the Gavel’. This one is going to be directed to reviewers as well as the news media links on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc.


Stains on the Gavel – Print Version is out

My new book, Stains on the Gavel, which is book 2 of the BlueGrass Series, is now available in print version from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other retail outlets. Retail price is $19.95, but many outlets are offering a discounted price.

huge jump in book sales …

I keep a close check on the overall ratings of Pinned and Stains on the Gavel book sales and as of today, both books made a tremendous jump in the ratings on Barnes and Noble and Amazon … Can’t wait to see what happens when the press release goes out …

..moving madness is over with…

Well, I’m all settled and moved in at my new residence in Syracuse …. I’ve been doing a lot of marketing for Pinned and Stains on the Gavel and it seems to be paying off … I’m doing a talk at the Solvay Public Library creative writing group and a book signing afterword … I’m also scheduled for the authors spotlight event at the Dewitt Barnes and Noble location … this one is sometime in November, before Thanksgiving … Travelling to Albany, NY next week to make some appearances down there … I am still waiting anxiously for the print release of ‘Stains on the Gavel’ which should be next week … later