…off to the South Caribbean..

I leave tomorrow for my long awaited vacation … I will be headed to Kentucky, and then on to a 5 day cruise to Honduras and Cozumel … I’ve been steadily working on ‘Boy in the Bin’ and have completed 7 chapters so far … I don’t know how many total chapters the final edition will have, but I expect it to be around 40-45 … once I return on April 18th, I’m going full force into writing and editing … until then, I’ll be enjoying the 88 degree temps (after having suffered through a crappy NY winter) and partying with some of the greatest progressive rock bands in the world … music runs deep in my veins and I’ll be enjoying shows by YES, Steve Hackett, Saga, Renaissance, Marillion, Queensryche and many others … if you follow me on Facebook, you’ll be able to see my pictures when I get back since I plan to load them up … more to come


..an in-depth discussion of my books..

..I just did a one hour interview with Denise Turney of ‘Off The Shelf’ books … the interview discusses both of my true crime books ‘Pinned’ and ‘Stains on the Gavel’ in depth … if you would like to listen to the interview, here is the link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/denise-turney-/2014/03/22/pinned-a-kentucky-true-crime-story

..gettin ready for vacation..

I leave Syracuse in 2 weeks and am heading for Kentucky…doing a radio interview and a book signing in Burkesville, KY on Friday/Saturday…first weekend of April…then I’m off on my cruise to Honduras and Cozumel…of course the bad thing is that this will eventually end I will have to come back and get back to work…oh, well…woe is me


…what’s going on now?..

..I’m being lazy again…after I got the 52 Weeks of Jokes published in eBook and Print format, I decided to take a little break…I’m going on a cruise at the end of this month and that’s my vacation…I’m still working on my new novel, The Boy in the Bin, but the work is going slow…I’m trying to get as much done on the book before I go because I won’t be able to return to work on it until mid-April …more updates to follow