When Chaos reigns, logic is lost.

I’d like to send Kudos to the Lost Generation of students represented at U.C. Berkeley. To quote actor Strother Martin, in the movie Cool Hand Luke, “What we’ve got here, is failure to communicate.”

On Tuesday night, a mob of violent Berkeley Democrats tonight attacked the campus venue where Breitbart.com editor Milo Yiannopolous was scheduled to speak, breaking windows, starting fires and hurling explosives, forcing University of California officials to cancel the speech. Police were called and most of the university was place on lockdown.

This is just another example of the Lost Generation of Youth that we are witnessing on college campuses today. These entitled brats think the proper way to excel in life is to whine, cry, and in extreme cases like Berkeley, riot and destroy other people’s property. I mention entitled brats because many of the students are sent to college on their parent’s dime, instead of working their way through. Or in other cases, they get government grants that they do not intend to pay back.

I find their attitude shocking since Berkeley is generally considered the ‘Birth Place’ of the Free Speech Movement, and have held that title since 1964. Back then, the extent of the ‘protests’ by the student body, consisted of marching and handing out pamphlets.

I question where the element of ‘free speech’ went in the latest uprising. The entire event was apparently sparked by the appearance of Milo Yiannopolous, a controversial speaker and the editor of Brietbart News, and a notable supporter of our current President.

Yiannopolous has been on tour throughout the U.S., doing speeches at a variety of college campuses. He has labeled his lectures ‘The Dangerous Faggot Tour’. It is true that Yiannopolous is a lightning rod for dissent. He particularly likes to criticize feminist and gay leaders (though he is gay). In a typical move, on Saturday he posted to social media a GIF of sheep being herded, with the line “Live Stream of Women’s March.”

But the fact is, that he does have the right to speak freely and for the students at Berkeley to oppose this, when they started the movement in the first place, waves the flag, ‘its OK if we speak freely, but not you.’

And where the hell were the police? It seems that they turned a blind eye to the chaos that was erupting. At last count, no one had been arrested for destruction of property. Could it be that the police were TOLD to back off by the college administration? This sounds too much like Baltimore all over again.

Going to college used to be about the concept of ‘higher learning’. More and more these days, the lunatics are running the asylum. We see the liberal left protesting about virtually everything under the sun instead of having vigorous discussions in the classroom. The general idea these days is if you don’t like it; destroy it, instead of talking about how to make it better.

As long as our first amendment right of freedom of speech is curtailed by these fanatical left-wing protestors, our society is headed in a downward slope. This right must be protected at all costs and a judicious application of punishment for offenders needs to be put in place. There must be a communication from officials, as to the correct and incorrect way of protesting.

Hopefully, the new administration will take these events into consideration, when they craft new laws and return power to our dedicated police agencies.

Charles W. Massie

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