The mainstream media is all ‘abuzz’ about recent disclosures and developments. What once was a concerted effort to derail the newly appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has now been turned into a counter-attack of the previous administration by the current POTUS.


Obama seems like one of those people with the mindset of “if I can’t have it, nobody can.”


I once observed this principle in a seven year old child while on vacation. I happened to be sitting in front of a gift shop on one of the sightseeing ports. This shop sold t-shirts, banners and other items promoting the local economy. As I sat there, I witnessed two brothers arguing. One of them had a balloon and one of them had a different kind. One liked his brothers more than he liked his.


So, what he did was grab a plastic fork from a food stand and pop his brother’s balloon. That is what Barack Obama is trying to essentially do to us.


Barack Obama is still trying to wield power over the United States. In America, we vote in and out our elected officials, Obama’s term is over, he was not crowned a king!


The former president is allegedly trying to yank a lawfully elected president from office by either forcing his resignation or having him impeached! This is no less than a ‘silent coup’ with Obama is leading this charge. (1) He is aided in this attempt by his long-time trusted sidekick, Valeria Jarrett, who recently moved into his DC residence. (2)


Obama does not have to grab a weapon or leak classified material to be in violation of the Seditious Conspiracy statute. Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder only recently revealed the former president is preparing to resurface as a full-time political operative. The man never really left the campaign trail.


“It’s coming … He’s coming,” Holder told mainstream media reporters. “And he’s ready to roll.” (3)


Thanks to a $60 million plus book deal Barack and Michelle signed, he will never have to work again (4) – or travel the world whoring himself out for speaking fees, like Bill Clinton. Now he is free to cut loose on his socialistic agenda and far left ideals with reckless abandon.


Pushing the Russian influence fake news story was only the first step on Obama’s evil plan to force Trump to resign or be impeached. Now he has Attorney General Jeff Sessions in his sights — he is surely bolstered by the swift ousting of Michael Flynn.


The Democrat Party appears to be behind their liberal messiah 100 percent. Their feet-dragging on Trump’s nominees have allowed Obama loyalist spies to leak classified information while trying to destroy the new administration from within. Its time these actions are met with equal and opposite reactions.


This man, and all his cronies, belongs in jail. Failure to do this cannot be a good thing for the health of the United States in general.


On a positive note, President Trump is likely to make good on his promise to ‘drain the swamp’ because much of the evidence will boomerang back to hit the Liberals in the face. In the near future, I believe the facts will prove that Obama was directly behind this action, which by-the-way is called TREASON.


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(2)Valerie Jarrett – Changing Residence

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According to Wikipedia (1) … A derailment is said to take place when a vehicle such as a train runs off its rails. This does not necessarily mean that it leaves its track. Although many derailments are minor, all result in temporary disruption of the proper operation of the railway system, and they are potentially seriously hazardous to human health and safety.


The same thing can be seen as our society. For too many years, the liberal agenda has been focused on chipping away at the ‘norms’ that made our country what it is. Now, with the election of Donald Trump in November 2016, this agenda has turned into a full-fledged firestorm.


The latest insurrection is an organization called ‘’ who has a new advertisement out promoting opposition to a Texas Senate bill SB6(2). Essentially SB6, which was introduced recently by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, prohibits transgender people from using the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity in schools and government buildings.(3)


One of the organizations supporting this opposition a secular-progressive, leftist group called the Texas chapter of ACLU. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) began back in the 1920’s and was founded by Roger Baldwin and Crystal Eastman.(4)


Baldwin supported communism, but later denounced it in his book, A New Slavery, which condemned “the inhuman communist police state tyranny”. This organization pursues a leftist agenda that includes censoring prayer and recognition of God in public institutions, such as public schools. Currently, Anthony Romero is the first openly gay CEO to run the organization. Declassified documents and letters link early ACLU leaders with Communist Party. Helen Chaffee Biehle also indicated in her article “Focus: The Seduction of the American Public Library” that the ACLU was also nihilistic and individualistic in its philosophy since its founding.


Give me a break … Not only is this ad disgusting to most people, but it shows a total disrespect for authority. It is the latest foray into the destruction of our constitution.


Does anyone need more proof of what is being attempted? How about this headline:


The Tonner Doll Company will debut a transgender doll inspired by the 16-year-old star of the TLC docu-series ‘I Am Jazz’ at the New York Toyfair later this month.(5)


Company CEO and renowned doll artist Robert Tonner designed and sculpted the 18″ portrait doll.


I am not a racist or homophobic person by nature, nor am I against anyone wanting to follow an ‘alternative’ lifestyle. But conventional wisdom dictates that the majority of America opposes letting biological men into the ladies room; or vice-versa. The cancer of this thinking has been going on for way too long and thankfully our new President will be pushing back with ‘Law and Order Agenda’ as promised. Lets make America great again by getting the train back on the tracks.


Charles W. Massie