Pay Attention

What we pay attention to informs the content of our minds; how we pay attention informs the quality of our consciousness.



Don’t cry over the past; it’s gone … Don’t stress about the future; it hasn’t arrived … Live in the present and make it beautiful.

My catalog now has hardcopy editions

I have released hardcopy editions of my entire catalog. Books included are Pinned! An Injustice in Kentucky, Stains on The Gavel, The Red Road to Hades, The Boy in The Bin and A Cauldron of Spirits. All are available at and Barnes/Noble websites.

New Books at StarShow Publications

Just a quick blog to let you know that I have added 2 new books to StarShow Publications catalog.

A Cauldron of Spirits is a collection of short stories that I have written over the last 30 years. Subject matter includes a little fantasy, a little horror and a little spiritualism.

Awesome Appetizers is the second book in the series ‘Too Good Not To Eat’. This book presents appetizers anyone can make for their social gathering.

I have also released hardcopy versions of my four novels. These include Pinned, Stains on The Gavel, The Red Road to Hades and The Boy in The Bin. Check them both out at StarShow Publications

The need for Dynamic Pacing in a story

Ever watched a movie that was so packed full of non-stop action it left you feeling breathless? Exhilarated, maybe… but disconnected from the characters – unable to learn much about them amidst the constant stream of explosions, car chases and death-defying peril?

Or have you ever read a story where the author droned on for so long about their characters’ thoughts, feelings, family history, and childhood until you thought please… please just let something – anything – happen?

If so, you’ve more than likely encountered a problem with pacing.

Pacing refers to the momentum of a story. There are times we want the reader frantically turning pages because there’s so much high-energy action, and there are times when we want to slow down the story – to let the reader sink into the prose like they would a warm, soothing bath.

Keeping the brain engaged requires a consistent mixture of these – like a rollercoaster ride. Take the reader slowly up to the top and then slam them down the other side, through blinding loops and breakneck corners… and then slow them back down again in preparation for the next dose of action.

A good story has a mix of fast-paced and slow-paced sections. This variety helps us generate tension, build anticipation, develop our characters, insert descriptions, drive the plot forward and— above all – maintain our reader’s interest.


The mainstream media is all ‘abuzz’ about recent disclosures and developments. What once was a concerted effort to derail the newly appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has now been turned into a counter-attack of the previous administration by the current POTUS.


Obama seems like one of those people with the mindset of “if I can’t have it, nobody can.”


I once observed this principle in a seven year old child while on vacation. I happened to be sitting in front of a gift shop on one of the sightseeing ports. This shop sold t-shirts, banners and other items promoting the local economy. As I sat there, I witnessed two brothers arguing. One of them had a balloon and one of them had a different kind. One liked his brothers more than he liked his.


So, what he did was grab a plastic fork from a food stand and pop his brother’s balloon. That is what Barack Obama is trying to essentially do to us.


Barack Obama is still trying to wield power over the United States. In America, we vote in and out our elected officials, Obama’s term is over, he was not crowned a king!


The former president is allegedly trying to yank a lawfully elected president from office by either forcing his resignation or having him impeached! This is no less than a ‘silent coup’ with Obama is leading this charge. (1) He is aided in this attempt by his long-time trusted sidekick, Valeria Jarrett, who recently moved into his DC residence. (2)


Obama does not have to grab a weapon or leak classified material to be in violation of the Seditious Conspiracy statute. Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder only recently revealed the former president is preparing to resurface as a full-time political operative. The man never really left the campaign trail.


“It’s coming … He’s coming,” Holder told mainstream media reporters. “And he’s ready to roll.” (3)


Thanks to a $60 million plus book deal Barack and Michelle signed, he will never have to work again (4) – or travel the world whoring himself out for speaking fees, like Bill Clinton. Now he is free to cut loose on his socialistic agenda and far left ideals with reckless abandon.


Pushing the Russian influence fake news story was only the first step on Obama’s evil plan to force Trump to resign or be impeached. Now he has Attorney General Jeff Sessions in his sights — he is surely bolstered by the swift ousting of Michael Flynn.


The Democrat Party appears to be behind their liberal messiah 100 percent. Their feet-dragging on Trump’s nominees have allowed Obama loyalist spies to leak classified information while trying to destroy the new administration from within. Its time these actions are met with equal and opposite reactions.


This man, and all his cronies, belongs in jail. Failure to do this cannot be a good thing for the health of the United States in general.


On a positive note, President Trump is likely to make good on his promise to ‘drain the swamp’ because much of the evidence will boomerang back to hit the Liberals in the face. In the near future, I believe the facts will prove that Obama was directly behind this action, which by-the-way is called TREASON.


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