… and the winners are …

Congratulations to all the winners of the GOODREADS contest. Each of those listed below will receive a copy of 'The Boy in The Bin' within the next 2 weeks.

Ann Ellis of Kentucky. 
Natalie Salvo of New South Wales, 
Tony Entrekin of Alabama, 
Melanie Scarborough of Tennessee, 
Joe VanHoorik of Minnesota, 
Elena Shvetsova of New South Wales, 
Erica Greca of Florida, 
Aaron Brinker of Oklahoma, 
Connie Williamson of North Carolina, 
Gayle Cappelluti of New York

…reworking … what a drag

I’m currently re-editing Pinned, because I wanted to tone down much of the graphic sex scenes and streamline the book … once I finish that task, I will be working on doing the same thing to Stains on The Gavel … I haven’t decided whether or not to merge the two books together or yet, but will figure that out once everything is done…

…It’s at the presses…

The Boy in The Bin is completed, edited and at the presses as of today. The first available sale date will be September 1st, but it will probably take about 3 weeks to migrate to Amazon and Barnes and Noble. For right now, the ebook and paperback will be available. I’m looking at the possibility of a hardcover and audio book next spring. I want to give the book time to get out there before I spend any more because promotion is the biggest part of my budget.

….finally completed….

I’ve just finished ‘The Boy in The Bin’ manuscript … I have a review copy in PDF form that runs 255 pages … now I need to do the final edits and format for print and ebook publication … I should have this done by Labor Day 2015 or so … I look forward to publishing this because it is the most ambitious I’ve ever done, and I hope my fan base will enjoy it….. I’ve attached a .representation of the new cover …. more later …                                                                            BoyInBinFinalCover